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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  April 28, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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before north korea develops the capability to strike the main land. >> reporter: calling for tougher economic -- diplomatic relations with north korea. >> we must be willing to face the hard truths and make hard choices right now to prevent disastrous outcomes in the future. >> reporter: north korea isn't backing down, just this morning state run tv aired video of a live fire exercise from earlier in the week. president trump issued a stern warning. >> well, there's a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea, absolutely. >> reporter: china, north korea's biggest trading partner, had a delegation attend the meeting here at the u.n. the chinese foreign minister believes north korea should suspend its nuclear program and the united states should stop large scale military exercises with south korea. the u.s. military buildup in the region includ
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aircraft carrier vincent which is in striking range of north korea. alex ortiz for cbs news, the united nations. >> and tillerson says the united states has given $1.3 billion in aid to north korea and he says the u.s. is willing to resume that aid once kim jong-un begins to dismantle that nuclear program. on the eve of his 100th day in office, president trump touched base with some of his most loyal supporters. he went to atlanta to speak at the annual convention of the national rifle association. he declared an end to what he called an eight-year assault on the second amendment under president obama. >> you have a true friend and champion in the white house, no longer will federal agencies be coming after law abiding gun owners. as your president, i will never, ever infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms.
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a sitting president has spoken at an annual nra meeting since ronald reagan did it back 1983. before he left for atlanta, the president signed another executive order, this one rolls back restrictions on drilling in the arctic and atlantic oceans. those are ruled imposed by president obama. he says it will help reduce america's reliance on foreign energy and create thousands of high paying jobs. no government shout at midnight. congress sent the president a bill to keep the lights on but for one more week. house and senate negotiators are expected to work through the weekend to hammer out a budget deal that would carry us through september which is the end of the fiscal year and once they do that, house republicans will take another shot at repealing and replacing obamacare. at children's national medical center in d.c., a lovely little oasis for some lovely little patients. it's a rooftop garden, a place to play and smell the flowers and breathe some fresh air. first lady melania trump was there for today's
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young patient whose dying wish was to go outside. former president george h.w. bush is back home from the hospital. the 92-year-old was discharged from houston methodist today after being there for two weeks. he was being treated for a mild case of pneumonia and chronic bronchitis. a spokesperson says the former president is happy to be home. following breaking news here out of howard county, by air and by ground, officers are combing through a whole lot of woods in jessup for an escaped prisoner. here he is, 28-year-old david watson. he was convicted of trying to murder police officers in delaware and he's in the midst of a 106-year sentence. today officers were moving watson from a van into the clifton t. perkins hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, he pushed the officers and made a run for it. he had been wearing handcuffs and a waist chain but somehow got them off. we will keep you up to speed on this nh
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been 15 years since the most powerful tornado in the history of maryland devastated the town of la plata. who can forget this home video of that fast moving twister carving a path of destruction for tens of miles. >> five people died as a result 69 tornado, dozens more were injured and hundreds of homes and businesses were destroyed in and around downtown la plata. >> now 15 years later the town is celebrating its recovery. wusa9 anchor bruce leshan begins our -- bruce johnson begins our live team coverage from la plata where in about an hour they are going to mark the exact moment that the tornado struck that faithful sunday evening. hi, bruce. >> reporter: hey, leslie. the people out here like to say not only did they survive that tornado of 2002, this town is driving in all the signs out here indicate that. we are in the parking lot at the la plata united methodist church, this is reverend bruce jones. he's pastor here at the church and at 7:00 tonight they are going to have a service. reverend, tell me about the ch p
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the tornado did to the church steeple and the bell inside. >> it ripped the steeple completely off, the steeple was lost and out in the yard. our bell was exposed in the steeple and we had to take it down in order to protect it. >> and i am told that bell was stuck in somebody's -- >> it was put in somebody's barn for safekeeping and then we sort of lost track of it, when it was rediscovered, we felt it needed to be back here at the building and we brought it inside. it was old, gray and tarnished. >> reporter: you have had this bell restored. you've got a bell tower. at 7:08 we will be ringing the bell? >> yes. >> reporter: commemorating the tornado, celebrating -- >> this is an important historic bell, it about our history but also about our future. this is rededicating it that it now has a new permanent home. >> thank you for that. 7:00 tonight they will have a service here, at 7:00 we are going to be going live from the church. we have talked to a number of people out
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past what happened here fitch fitch -- 15 years ago. let's go over to topper at the center of town. >> reporter: thanks, bruce, i'm across the intersection there of 301 and we are on the north side of 6. now, on this side, not much damage. for example, this house did not have much damage at all but on the south side everything was leveled. here's tony rose, emergency services. he was first on the scene. he will tell you why there's no longer a watertown but instead a scar where the water tower once stood. >> the first thing we had was get our water and sewer systems up to speed. that is the old water tank that came down. >> the water tank was what, 70 years old? >> pretty close to that, yes, 75 years old, and it came down and when it came down it broke the pipes and the water drained out of
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insult to injury, the electricity was out so the wells didn't work. >> reporter: that was where the water tower was and there's a star there now. so what's the story on the star? >> the water tank used to have a star on top of it that was lit up at christmastime. because the town, they adorned it with decorations and stuff. decorate it up for christmas. and star on top of the water tank was part of that. >> okay. >> but the tornado took the water tank down and so the town and the businesses and the residents, i suppose, decided, you know what? we need our star back and there it is. >> reporter: this is route six, this is the actual path of where the tornado traveled and it's eerily similar to the same path in 1926 when a tornado came right down route six as well from west to
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over the 301 and that leveled the school house. fortunately this was sunday evening and we were tracking it live at channel nine. we interrupted "60 minutes" to track this live moving 58 miles an hour. fortunately, though, businesses were closed and not too many folks were around, which is a blessing in disguise. as bruce mentioned earlier, it's a celebration. la plata is stronger than ever. we will compact and talk about technology and how it's changed over the last 15 years and how warnings are much more precise and more timely. we will talk a little weather first. this weekend is going to feel like july, around 90 tomorrow, near 90 on sunday, just isolated storms saturday and sunday, better chance for storms on monday and we are monitoring that for a possible yellow weather alert day. so we will keep you posted on that. but again, we come back, alison will talk about how far technology has come in the last 15 years. remember, cell phones were around but nothing like social media today. that storm -- if that storm had hit today, you would have had many more pictures and tweets
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tornado. so we will come back, we will talk about that but really an unbelievable tornado, the size of a midwest tornado, a half a mile wide, winds 207 to 260. important lessons learned that day. topper, thank you. on the way next we will find out why a former florida sheriff says this former police officer needs to be in prison
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tonight at 11:00, our special assignment unit
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go behind the scenes to dig into a forensic science that is used to find missing children, children who have vanished for years, not days. >> this isn't just meant to be like a portrait or nice looking picture of a face. this is a tool for law enforcement. >> it's the science and the art that helps to bring our children home. my age progression report airs tonight at 11:00, right here on wusa9. an emotional police response to an awful story at a -- out of central florida. this former police officer, yeah, under arrest for a drunk driving crash that killed a child and injured four others. all the victims range in age from 12 to 15 years old. police say 48-year-old john canfield hit five kids after they got of a school bus near orlando and then sped off. he got arrested by an off-duty sheriff's deputy who was alerted to the crash by his daughter. >> i've been involved in a lot.
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>> nothing compares to hearing your daughter ask for help and you can't do nothing. >> but he was more interested in himself and his drinking and his alcohol than he was in his job, his employers, these children, this is a classic case. you're looking at the guy that needs to be in prison for the rest of his life. >> a pregnant woman also got hurt when the former officer hit her car. camfield had worked for 10 different police agencies in mississippi before moving to florida. tonight he is in jail facing multiple charges. coming up, how tornado tracking technology has changed in the 15 years since the la plata tornado. but up next, backlash at a popular d.c. restaurant after the posting of a bathroom sign that a lot of people call sexist.
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come home with me! make a strong decision. find your tag and get 16% below msrp on select silverado 1500 pickups in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. the sign was supposed to pint people to the bathroom but left a lot of people feeling uncomfortable. >> this happened at proof in china town. here's the sign in question. it's bepo
6:16 pm and it shows a male stick figure peeking over the bathroom stall at a woman. >> so one person wrote jokes about sexual harassment, assault, rape not acceptable because they normalize this type of behavior. >> another thread read, jesus, this is inexcusable. michael & son spoke to the -- michael quander spoke to the manager about it. >> reporter: this sign blowing up had been up since about 10 years ago when the doors first opened. it was meant to be light hearted, tongue-in-cheek, even though some customers didn't take it that way. >> of course we took the sign down immediately because it was never our intent to offend or upset anyone with inappropriate signs. we were a little surprised when this huge backlash started online. >> i know the sign was behind you at first so y'all have replaced it. tell me with what you have replaced it with? >> this is a pierce of art from mark color our late owner's collection so we wanted
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the restaurant so that, you know, it still speaks to him and his thoughts and, you know, his creativity. >> could you see why some people may have found the sign to be offensive? >> oh, absolutely. i mean, and especially in today's climate, things are changing. times have definitely changed and a joke that was funny five years ago might not be funny today. that being said, inappropriate is inappropriate. what's funny for one person or what's harmless to one person is extremely offensive to another and we want to make sure we are an inclusive safe space for everybody. >> reporter: the restaurant says it's always supported equal rights and after all of this, they have a fundraiser planned to help a women's organization in our area coming up this sunday. you can find all of that information posted directly to my facebook page, find the link at the bottom of your screen. michael michael quander, wusa9. >> proof says it will donate 50% of all -- 20% of all the wine they sell to tw
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sexual assault. tornado detecting technology has advanced dramatically in the 15 years since the la plata tornado. >> chief meteorologist topper shutt in la plata tonight with more on how people are prepared in case it happens again. >> reporter: back then it doesn't seem that long ago, although in some respects it does but we had live radar, we have had that since 1988 so we were tracking the storm live which is superimportant because it's moving 50, 55 miles an hour. but cell phones were not as advanced, weather apps were not even advanced either but now much like midwester than cities have installed a system sirens. i see sirens there. when was that put up? >> that was immediately after the tornado. the manufacturer contacted the county and offered to place one
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and so that's how that one got there. since then it has expanded. i think there are six now that are around the la plata area. >> good. >> and they are controlled at the 911 center. if there's an alert anywhere in charles county, sirens get activated. >> go off? >> better safe than sorry. >> reporter: okay. so let's kind -- let's go back in time. let's go back to 2002. all right? the warnings come out pretty much countywide. okay? so you might be here but nowhere near the storm and you might end up taking the warnings less seriously. now they come out and they are more specific. they are called polygonal and they are right where the path of the storm is headed and for more on technology and how it's changed in the last 15 years, because it's been remarkable, here's alison. >> severe thunderstorm d.c. -- >> reporter: about 10 years ago the national weather service switched from county based
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warnings. what that means is instead of everybody being under the warning it's only who is actually impacted. so everybody else is not alerted with the warning. and of course if you're under the warning, you get alerted on your smartphone based on your location. 2012 is a big year for radar technology. a lot of the doppler radars from the national weather service were upgraded to dual polarization technology. that means now we can see hail size, estimate where debris is, also how heavy the rain s this lets us see inside the storm. april 2016 facebook implements their live feature. so now you can literally be anywhere and get severe weather information. in november 2016 our biggest upgrade yet, noaa launches their goes 16 satellite. now we get images by the minute. we don't have to wait five or 15 minutes. it
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>> so weather apps are great, our weather app is fantastic but when you're tracking something moving 50, 55 miles per hour, you really need to watch live coverage and we were live that night interrupting "60 minutes" and believe me, you would be surprised how many nasty e-mails i received that night. i answered every one of them. but it has come a long way in terms of technology and if you want a little more in-depth of -- as to how the whole severe weather thing started. we knew on friday we would have severe weather that weekend. it's on our facebook page and website, of howard and i having a conversation. we had three meteorologists on that storm last night. this weekend, we are leaving spring in the dust and going to go to june and july. 91 tomorrow, 88 on sunday. a couple of storms possible but your tee times are probably save. better chance for showers and storms on monday as a cold front approaches. that will knock us back down in the 70s on tuesday and wednesday but pleasant, but then n
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temperatures go back in the 60s with rain and showers. so just think twice before we complain about how hot it is today and how hot it's going to be over the weekend. i'm going to jump across 301 and join mr. johnson for off script at 7:00. we will see you then. we will have witnesses and folks who have lived through it and should be a pretty cool stuff as they share their stories with us. >> looking forward to it. thanks, top. >> thanks, top. is it closing time in atlanta? the wizards with a chance to finish off the hawks tonight. we got a preview on the way.
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now game on sports, brought to you by xfinity. >> if hawks win tonight, the wiz ads will advance with a win. kim smith from our sister station wxia has a preview. >> reporter: the washington wizards have the edge and need one more win to move onto the next round. otto porter out here warming up. averaging about 10 points a game during the series and if john and bradley can keep up their offensive attack they should be able to put a bow on things tonight. the last time the wiz ads beat -- wizards beat the hawks at philips arena was in 2015. a win tonight in atlanta would be sweet revenge. neither the hawks nor the wizards have been able to steel one on the road so -- steal one on the road so maybe tonight will be different. >> a happy homecoming for the newest washington redskins, the skin
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and former stonebridge bulldog jonathan allen with the 17th pick. a surreal moment for allen that gone with the all important phone call from jay gruden. >> called me and said they didn't think they were going to get me and feeling lucky to have me and i said i feel lucky that you guys called me. don't remember too much but i just -- just very emotional time for me. >> high praise for that young man. can't wait to have him here. >> a lot of excitement. home boy returning home. >> exactly. should be great. that's wusa9 at 6:00. cbs evening news is next. >> coming back at 7:00 with offscript from la plata. topper will be there too and we will be back at 11:00. things for joining us, everybody.
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life looks good.
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glaim north korea test fires another ballistic missile. >> there's a chance that we coulden up-- end up having a major, major conflict with north korea. >> mason: and a candid admission about the presidency, barely 100 days in. >> i thought it would be easier. >> mason: also tonight, two fallen heroes return from afghanistan. were they the victims of friendly fire? it's been 25 years since rioters set los angeles ablaze. >> what rose from the ashes of 1992, were really people-driven, community-driven solutions. >> mason: and steve hartman-- >> you want to go play? >> mason: whenop shia has a play dateit


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